A Star is Born

The Macab GMM-series is a new innovative, high quality wall outlet, specially designed for improved safety in the cable-TV network, both the risk for fire and human electrical shocks.

GMM Outlet
The outlets are the first of its kind, combining the 3-port galvanic isolation with its extremely compact design, allowing the use of a regular standard back box. One of the key features is the 3-port physical galvanic isolation that in an effective way will protect the household members for electric shocks and fire.

Also the mechanical design is a key feature. Both the mechanical quality and the innovative construction that makes it possible to get an easy and fixed orientation when using more than one outlet side by side. The 3-port galvanic isolation also increases the networks signal quality by the reduced disturbances caused by hum. The Macab outlet comes optionally with a new series of halogen free frames and covers, in two different white colors.

The GMM multimedia outlet fulfills the requirements from the major cable-TV-operators in Europe. The outlet comes with different attenuations for different applications like a star- or cascade configured network.
  • Triple galvanic isolation
  • Prevents hum
  • Protects for the risk for fire
  • Class A screening efficiency
  • Protects from electrical shocks
  • Low insertion loss
  • Fits standard back box (26 mm)