The GMM-outlets fulfills the class A demands which means at least 75 dB screening attenuation at 860 MHz. This gives a high security against out- or ingress of disturbing frequencies. Standard depth, 26 mm.

Easy installation
GMM-series has the same dimensions as standard outlets and fits into regular back boxes. Special profile, locks intonext coming outlet.

Combination frames
When designing the outlets we took into consideration the use of combinations frames and having an easy and fast fixing horizontally and vertically. All Macab outlets have a special profile which makes it easier to install in combination frames.

Galvanic isolators
GMM-series have three built in double galvanic isolators, which isolates both inner- and outer conductor (patent pending). One isolator in each port gives unique isolation performances and a maximum of safety for people. Each port is totally isolated from the other ports and from other outlets. No current can get from one port to another. This solution also prevents hum problems in an effective way.