Are you planning to change your CCTV analogue video camera for a new IP network camera? Then you can save both installation time and money by using your existing coaxial cable. Thanks to our 100BaseT system, IP network cameras can be assured trouble-free communication over existing coaxial cables.
  • Supports multiple IP Cameras
  • Supports megapixel Cameras
  • Compact - Easy to mount.
  • Cuts installation costs - Uses existing coaxial cable.
  • Simple to install - No IP or other set-up required.
  • High speed data - With 100 Mb/s standard 100BASE-T or 10BASE-T full duplex.
  • Full speed - Up to 300 m (1000 feet) using the 100 Mb/s connection or 600 m (2000 feet) using the 10 Mbit/s connection.