19"-panel For installation of one or two amplifiers TVB-02. A blind panel is preinstalled if only one amplifier is needed. Type 19"-panel Height: 46 mm Length 19" (483 mm)
Part no 380 00 03

10"-panel For installation of one amplifier TVB-02 in a 10" cabinet. Type 10"-panel Height 46 mm Length 10" (254 mm)
Part no 380 00 04

Terminator 100 ohm RJ-45 For installation in amplifier TVB-02. All not used ports have to be terminated with a terminator. Type terminator, 100 ohm RJ-45 Impedance ohm 100 Connector RJ-45, male
Part no 380 00 05

Upcoming Products

Next generation of Catline
Almost any type of signal can be transformed for distribution in a typical network of CAT-cable. Next generation will include product for:
  • Catline – Gigabit router for data
  • Catline – 8-ports PBX-switch for phone and/or door intercommunication system