Catline systems TV and HDMI

Catline TV, TV over Network Cable CAT5/6

More and more inhome infrastructures consists of network cables only. The lack of coaxial cables creates problems, connecting different types of equipments such as TV-sets. We are pleased to introduce our brand new system, Catline, for distribution of TV over network cables such as CAT5/CAT6. The Catline system is able to distribute analogue or digital TV-channels up to 50 meters (at 860MHz) and the amplifier has four adjustable outputs. The pricing of the system is very competitive and we can ensure good profit for the distributor or whole sale Company.

Catline HDMI, HDMI over CAT5/6

Using the Catline IP-1000 it is possible to transmit the HDMI signal from the source to the required number of receivers (1 to 127 units). The signal is carried in an LAN network via standard CAT 5e/6 cables (UTP), by converting the HDMI signal to a TCP/IP steam. The system can manage transmission distances of up to 120 metres. Take a look in the complete folder under download.

Looking for distributors

We are looking for an aggressive and skillful distributor in your area and if you are as excited as we are over Catlines possibilities please contact us for further discussions.